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A. G. Aganbegyan. Teacher, scientist, man

G. P. Akilov. He aimed at invisible targets

V. B. Alekseev. Sergey Vsevolodovich Yablonskiy

G. P. Bagrinovskaya, A. M. Fedotov, I. A. Poletaev. Foreword to Some problems of mathematical biology

G. Bagrinovskaya, R. Kuklin. Pioneer of Soviet cybernetics

Wanda Beletskaya. Conversation in a hospital ward (Reply to Mr. Trusovs letter)

A. I. Berg. A science of unlimited potentialities

A. I. Berg. The major problems of cybernetics

M. A. Berg. Recollections of my father. Before the war

M. M. Botvinnik. From the series Portraits and sketches

L. Chernova. Treasure "Island"

S. V. Chesnokov. Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich: features of the portrait

O. K. Daugavet. Programmers' seminar in Leningrad

V. T. Dementyev, Yu. L. Vasilyev, N. I. Glebov. Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov

V. E. Demidov. Nikolay Alexandrovich Bernstein and biocybernetics

Zh. A. Drogalina. Vassiliy Vassil'evich Nalimov: a man, a scientist, a philosopher

A. P. Ershov. The teacher

A. P. Ershov. In memory of Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov

A. P. Ershov. A. A. Lyapunov and programming

A. P. Ershov. Aesthetics and the human factor in programming

D. K. Fadeev. From the student's years

A. I. Fet. Recollections of Alexey Andreevich Lyapunov

Ya. I. Fet. The history of computing: research and publications

I. M. Gelfand. Leonid Kantorovich and the synthesis of two cultures

R. S. Guter. In memory of Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov

M. G. Haase-Rapoport. On the formation of cybernetics in the USSR

V. P. Ilin. Siberian informatics: the schools of G. I. Marchuk, A. P. Ershov, N. N. Yanenko

Vyach. Vs. Ivanov. Academician A. I. Berg and the development of structural linguistics and semiotics in the USSR

Vyach. Vs. Ivanov. From the past of semiotics, structural linguistics, and poetics

Vyach. Vs. Ivanov. From the history of cybernetics in the USSR. An essay on the life and work of M. L. Tsetlin

S. V. Kamyshan. To the prehistory of cybernetics in Russia. I. Russian reception of Lullian ideas

I. N. Kantorovich. Uncle Lyonya

L. V. Kantorovich. The prospect of the development and application of electronic calculating machines

L. V. Kantorovich. Report at the Annual General Meeting of the USSR

L. V. Kantorovich. Mathematics in Economics: Achievments, Obstacles, Prospectives

L. V. Kantorovich. Autobiography of Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

L. V. Kantorovich. Autobiography of Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

L. V. Kantorovich. On the history of linear programming (answers to the questions of Sonja Brentjes)

L. V. Kantorovich. To look at the truth with open eyes

L. V. Kantorovich. My path in science (1938)

L.V. Kantorovich. Mathematical methods to economics

V. L. Kantorovich. Computations for the atomic project (interview with V. S. Vladimirov and V. N. Kublanovskaya )

V. L. Kantorovich. Special session of the Leningrad mathematical society, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of L. V. Kantorovich

V.L. Kantorovich. Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

S. P. Kapitza. Reminiscences on cybernetics and its creators

A. N. Kolmogorov. Automata and Life (theses of a report)

A. N. Kolmogorov. Foreword to the translation of the book Introduction to Cybernetics by W. R. Ashby

L. N. Korolev. From the reminiscences...

G. V. Korotkevich. Computer Pioneer awards for Russian scientists

I. S. Kovalskiy. Informatics the cause of life

L. P. Kraizmer. A Man with a capital letter

N.A. Krinitskiy. The main stages of development of computer technology and programming methods

A. Kroncher. Academician Kantorovich's glory and thorns

I. Kryazhev, S. Pevzner. A mathematician came to the workshop

B. A. Kushner. Markov and Bishop

S. S. Kutateladze. Kantorovich's spaces

S. S. Lavrov. Scientific autobiography

S. S. Lavrov. The Leningrad school of programming

S. A. Lebedev. The electronic computing machine

V. V. Leontiev. Kantorovich: In memoriam

S. I. Literat. The organizer and supervisor of a novel school

V. N. Livshits. Reminiscences about Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

V. A. Lothar-Shevchenko. Music in A. A. Lyapunovs life

A. A. Lyapunov. Towards the unity of subject and method

A. A. Lyapunov. P. P. Lazarev: in memoriam

A. A. Lyapunov. On the role of mathematics in modern human culture

A. A. Lyapunov. Draft list of areas of research for the Institute of Cybernetics

A. A. Lyapunov. On the use of mathematical machines in solving logical problems

A. A. Lyapunov, K. A. Timofeyev, V. V. Khvostova. Dont water down

N. A. Lyapunova. Eleven happy years

N. A. Lyapunova. Discussion of the lecture by Professor A. A. Lyapunov On the use of mathematical machines in solving logical problems

N. A. Lyapunova. From the recollections of father

V. Maltsev. He saw the problem exhaustive

A. G. Marchuk. Introduction

E. V. Markova. He brought new purports and new solutions

E. V. Markova. V. V. Nalimov's scientific schools and invisible colleges (chemical cybernetics, mathematical theory of experiments)

E. V. Markova. The pilot of Soviet radio-electronics and cybernetics

E. V. Markova. An echo of Gulag in the Academic Board on Cybernetics

S. S. Maschan. The last years of the life of academician A. I. Berg

Materialist. In whose service is cybernetics?

V. L. Matrosov, K. L. Rudakov. Yuriy Ivanovich Zhuravlev

I. A. Melchuk. How mathematical linguistics was born

S. G. Mikhlin. Reminiscences

Molchanov A. M.. Limiting factors (according to Poletayev) and the principle of Le Chatelier

V. V. Nalimov. Axel Ivanovich as a dissident of science

G. I. Natanson. Some episodes conserning Leonid Vital'evich

S. A. Nigiyan. On the Yerevan school of programming

S. P. Novikov. Speech at the Novodevichie cemetery on April 10, 1986

T. T. Orlova. LV

V. M. Ostianu. Reminiscences on Professor M. A. Gavrilov

Yu. A. Pervin. Aleksey Andreevich, France, Lothar-Shevchenko

N. Ya. Petrakov. Creator who could be a fighter

R. I. Podlovchenko. Reminiscences on the days spent as A. A. Lyapunov's pupil

R. I. Podlovchenko. Nikolay Andreevich Krinitskiy

R. I. Podlovchenko. Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov, the father of Russian cybernetics

R. I. Podlovchenko. A. A. Lyapunovs contribution to cybernetics

I. B. Pogozhev. Lyapunov had a gift to presentiment the future needs of science

I. B. Pogozhev. He put people together kindly and firmly

D. A. Pospelov. Axel Ivanovich Berg

D. A. Pospelov. Modest Georgievich Haase-Rapoport

D. A. Pospelov. Development of computer science in Russia

D. A. Pospelov. MAG's School

D. A. Pospelov, Ya. I. Fet. "Materialist"

D. A. Pospelov, V. F. Khoroshevskiy. The Working Group WG-18

D. A. Pospelov, V. F. Khoroshevskiy. May the miracle be repeated? (The history of WG-22)

V. A. Ratner. Alexey Andreevich Lyapunov

V. A. Ratner. Igor Andreevich Poletayev

V. A. Ratner. A bite of the expiring reptile (from A. A. Lyapunovs archives)

P. Rondier. The French view of Siberia

Yu. A. Shreider. A. A. Lyapunov, a leader of cybernetics as a scientific movement

S. L. Sobolev. A. A. Lyapunov and cybernetics

V. M. Tihomirov. Some words on the subject "A. N. Colmogorov and cybernetics"

V. M. Tikhomirov. About Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

N. V. Timofeev-Ressovsky. A word to mathematicians

N. V. Timofeev-Ressovsky, A. G. Malenkov. An inheritance waiting for heirs

A. A. Titlyanova. A systemic approach in ecology (the way A. A. Lyapunov did it)

B. A. Trakhtenbrot. Alexey Andreevich Lyapunov

R. P. Trusov. That was he Lyapunov

G. S. Tseytin. On professionalism in programming

V. A. Uspensky. Fragments from reminiscences

V. A. Uspensky. Discussion of cybernetics with A. A. Lyapunov, February 17, 1957

V. A. Uspensky. The silver age of structural, applied, and mathematical linguistics in the USSR and V. Yu. Rosenzweig: how it all began (notes of an eyewitness)

V. A. Uspensky. Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov the great Russian scientist

Yu. Vasilyev. His weapon is mathematics

A. M. Vershik. Address to the Session of Leningrad mathematical society dedicated to the memory of L. V. Kantorovich

A. M. Vershik. L. V. Kantorovich and the linear programming

K. Volodin. Initiation into the FMSh pupils

Vladimir Volodkin, Theodor Gladkov. Ordinary children

N. N. Vorontsov. The environment and the personality

E. V. Yablonskiy. Some episodes from Sergey Vsevolodovich Yablonskiy

V. N. Zakharov, Ya. I. Fet. Introduction

V. A. Zalgaller. His key idea

V. A. Zalgaller. Recollections of L. V. Kantorovich and of the emotions related to his works on economics

A. K. Zholkovsky. About Melchuk

Yu. I. Zhuravlev. On my teacher