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Problems of the History of Computer Science

Составители D.A. Pospelov, Ya.I. Fet

Город: Novosibirsk
Издательство: Preprint / RAN. Sib. Branch. Inst. of Comp. Math. and Math. Geoph.
Год: 2000
Количество страниц: 71

In this booklet, some matherials are published destined for a book on the history of Computer Science in Russia, which is now under preparation.


N. A. Lyapunova. From the recollections of father
Yu. A. Pervin. Aleksey Andreevich, France, Lothar-Shevchenko
V. A. Ratner. A bite of the expiring reptile (from A. A. Lyapunov’s archives)
E. V. Markova. He brought new purports and new solutions
Ya. I. Fet. The teaching of the history of computer science: the moral aspect
S. V. Kamyshan. To the prehistory of cybernetics in Russia. I. Russian reception of Lullian ideas
"Materialist"'s mystery