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Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich: a Man and a Scientist. Vol. 1

V. L. Kantorovich, S. S. Kutateladze, Ya. I. Fet

: Novosibirsk
: Scientific Publ. Center of RAS
: 2002
: 544

This book concerns one of the most striking pages of the history of Russian science: the life and creative work of the great mathematician and economist, Nobel Prize Winner Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich.

L.V. Kantorovich devoted his life to the struggle for recognition of new scientific methods of planning and organizing economy discovered by him. The only purpose he had was to help his country.

The book presents a collection of autobiographical materials, memoirs, selected papers and addresses he could not publish at those times.

The book is intended for a general reader interested in the history of science and the lives of outstanding people.




My path in science (1938)
On the history of linear programming (answers to the questions of Sonja Brentjes)
My path in science (Supposed report to the Moscow mathematical society)
To look at the truth with open eyes
Autobiography of Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich (1944)
Autobiography of Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich (1967)
Biographical card


Special session of the Leningrad mathematical society, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of L. V. Kantorovich
A. G. Aganbegyan. Teacher, scientist, man
G. P. Akilov. He aimed at invisible targets
A. M. Vershik. L. V. Kantorovich and the linear programming
Computations for the atomic project (interview with V. S. Vladimirov and V. N. Kublanovskaya)
I. M. Gelfand. Leonid Kantorovich and the synthesis of two cultures
V. A. Zalgaller. His key idea
I. N. Kantorovich. Uncle Lyonya
S. S. Kutateladze. Kantorovichs spaces
V. V. Leontiev. Kantorovich: In memoriam
V. N. Livshits. Reminiscences about Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich
S. G. Mikhlin. Reminiscences
G. I. Natanson. Some episodes concerning Leonid Vitalevich
S. P. Novikov. Speech at the Novodevichie cemetery on April 10, 1986
T. T. Orlova. LV
N. Ya. Petrakov. Creator who could be a fighter
V. M. Tikhomirov. About Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich
D. K. Faddeev. From the students years
S. V. Chesnokov. Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich: features of the portrait


Introduction and Preface to the work Functional Analysis Based on the Theory of Partially Ordered Spaces
On the distribution of printed production
On some mathematical problems of economics in industry, agriculture, and transport (Summary)
Give new means for struggle against the hateful enemy
On numerical methods of solving problems related to planning for best use of resources in a given area of socialist society
Lecture at the Naval Technical College
Foreword to Economic Calculation of Best Utilization of Resources
On interrelations between some notions with those introduced by subjective schools
The indices of work of enterprises need to be revised
On the plan of applying to national economy the scientific works of Leningrad division of Steklov Mathematical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Documents presented by the Leningrad University to the USSR Council of Ministers in 1957
Analysis of economical planning should be raised to the proper level
Application of mathematical methods in calculations of economical planning


Mathematics in Economics: Achievements, Obstacles, Perspectives